Carina Savander-Ranne (FIN)

·       Judge of obedience for almost 40 years

·       Judge of working trials for 20 years

·       Breeds: rottweiler and Australian cattledog,

·       Exterior judge for rottweilers and dobermans

·       Entrusted with commission memberships, as delegate of Finland, of the Nordic Kennel Union Obedience Commission and of the FCI Obedience Commission.

·       Chair of the Obedience Commission of the Finnish Kennelclub and of the Finnish Working Dog Association

·       Currently President of the FCI Obedience Commission, formerly vice-president and secretary

·       President of the NKU (Nordic) Obedience Commission

·       Judged obedience trials, national championshps, qualification trials and world & section championships in many countries

·       Trainer of obedience judges

·       Delivered speeches and chaired seminars on obedience in many countries.

·       Responsibility for composing and revising obedience rules. 

Judging this World Championship 2021 is an honour and of great interest to me. Thank you for this possibility.  I am also very grateful for having been invited to judge in so many countries, at World and Nordic Championships as well as national championships and qualification competitions. I enjoy delivering seminars on judging as well as training judges both in Finland and other countries. And I am not forgetting the rottweilers which are still very much my own breed. I have judged rottweilers near and far, the farthest being Australia.

I am so looking forward to seeing you all and I wish you the best of luck. May you succeed better than at any other competition this year. And a big thank you for all the hours the organizers have spent preparing and executing this event.


Nadine Hess (CHE)

My name is Nadine Hess, I am 44 years old and live in the northwestern part of Switzerland.

Besides my main job l train teams in Obedience from the first steps to competitions.
With my first dog, a Berger Picard, I got in touch with Obedience 20 years ago. Already then I was fascinated by heelwork and the harmony between dog and handler.
After many active years in Agility I found my way back to Obedience in 2010. Thanks Jue, my second Malinois, the fascination for this sport came back. Her enthusiasm, her intensity and also her fighting spirit were and still are just unique. And so Obedience with her became my passion and working with her always touched my heart. We won the World Championship at FMBB Obedience in Finland 2014 (individually and with the team).
Meanwhile I compete with my third Malinois in Obedience Class 3 and became a judge in 2016. Obedience for me is joy, harmony, trust, passion, the love of detail and accuracy.
Judging the teams of the World Championship this year is a real honour.
I am looking forward to this challenge



Uwe Wehner (DEU)

To my person:

My active time in dog sports began many years ago with Old English Sheepdogs and the German dog sport "Turnierhundsport". In 1989, I had my first contact with the Obedience sport in Holland and was immediately enthusiastic about it. Since Obedience was almost unknown in Germany at that time, I competed with my training group in Switzerland. In order to train purposefully, I created regulations for my association, which served as the basis for the first official German rules. Through my commitment to this sport, I am in charge for Obedience in one of the German dog sport associations (DVG) since 2000.

Obedience developed excellently in Germany. With the help of Holland, the first Obedience judges were trained, to which I belonged.

In addition to the captivation for the Obedience sport itself, from the very beginning, I have been fascinated by the various training methods based on motivation and positive reinforcement. To learn more about the different methods, I have organized numerous seminars with well-known obedience trainers. In the meantime, I judge and give a lot of seminars for handlers, judges, trainers and stewards at home and abroad. I also competed with two dogs in the highest performance class.

Short profile:

·       Chairman for Obedience within the DVG since 2002, Team leader of the German Obedience national team from 2002 to 2015

·       Organizer of the World Championship 2003 in Dortmund,Obedience judge since 2004, Member of the FCI Commission Obedience since 2002

·       International judge with assignments in Holland, Switzerland, Austria, Spain, Denmark, Finland, Russia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Japan

·       Judge at the 2010 World Cup in Denmark and 2014 in Finland, Participant in several German Championships with Border Collie Woody and Australian Shepherd Skylar, Vice president of the FCI Obedience Commission. 


Pedro Marques Rebollo (Espana/Spain/ESP)

Trained as guide dog trainer in The Guide Dog for Blind Association, 1990.

Mobility Instuctor with Guide dog of the ONCE Guide Dog Foundation in Madrid since May 1990.

25 years practising and participants as competitor of IGP modality. Competitor in the "I World Championship of Belgian Shepherds 1995".

Active competitor (fourth license) of the Obedience Regulation since 2007.

Obedience National and International Judge  of the Real Sociedad Canina de Espana, 2005 and 2008. Judge of the "Joop  of Reus Memorial Cup in Rotterdam, 2017 and in San Sebastian de los Reyes (Madrid) 2019.

Member of the Working Dogs Commission of the Real Sociaded Canina de Espana (Obedience Delegate) since 2009.

Professor of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of the Univeridad Complutense de Madrid since 2009 and tutor in the course of "Canine Educator. Behavioural Therapist" since 2012.

Collabrating in several canine magazines since 1997.