Livestream: Alex Finke


The old rule (FCI 2016) will be applied at WC Obedience 2021!



Information from Mai 2021

Info OB WM 2021_e_May.pdf
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Information from April 2021

Info OB WM 2021_e_April.pdf
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Important Information from January 2021 for the WC 2021 in Switzerland

Info OB WM 2021_e January.pdf
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Januar 2021:

The implementation of the Obedience World Championship with participants and spectators (up to 500 people) from June 10th to 13th, 2021 is not guaranteed with today's knowledge of the expected Covid-19 regulations in Europe and Switzerland. Together with the FCI we try to find a suitable solution for the Obedience WC as quickly as possible!